Learn more about Petrified Wood – one of the most interesting stones on Earth

Fossil Wood, commonly referred to as Petrified Wood, is nothing more than a tree log turned into stone over millions of years. Thanks to the process of permineralization we are lucky to witness the beauty of nature in its purest form. Enough with technicalities, this article will cover the practical use of fossilized wood at your home.

Petrified Wood Plates are a great alternative for dull ceramic plates. Just knowing that the fruits lay on a state-of-the-art stone plate that formed in the course of millions of years in volcanic ashes definitely boosts the taste.

Fossil Wood Fruit Plate
Petrified Wood Plate

One could also think bigger – there are entire tables made of Fossil wood. Not only do they look great, but they are also extremely durable and solid. Recently trending wooden tables are fine, but Petrified Wood Tables beat them by far in terms of contemporary design.
At this point it is worth mentioning that Lux4home™ is an exclusive producer of home and bathroom equipment made from this extraordinary stone material. You can find the Petrified Wood collection on our website: https://www.Lux4home.com

Petrified Wood Furniture Table

An absolute classic in our production is Fossil Wood Sinks, our basin model called Lapis. It is an obvious choice for customers looking for something special. Different shades of Petrified Wood are available, and the best thing about these products is the uniqueness of each individual piece. There will never be two same stone basins. Once such a sink is purchased, the owner becomes the only person on Earth who has a stone sink like this. How fantastic is it?

The same story goes with Fossil Wood Bathtubs, although they are more rare. There is another article that describes them in details, we invite to check it.

The Queen of the Stone Sinks

One of the natural stone collections does not need any introduction – the River Stone collection. These types of stone sinks and bathtubs have been successfully earning their reputation ever since they entered the “mainstream” of interior design on a global scale.

Lux4home™ is proud to contribute to the popularity of those sinks, as each year we handle dozens of individual interior design projects where natural river rock tubs and sinks are desired by architects and final users.

Why Lux4home™? First of all, impeccable quality which is appreciated in every continent. Thanks to the years of production development we are confident to state that Lux4home™ is probably the only producer with such low quality complaints.
Secondly, it is thanks to the wide catalogue and flexibility. On our website you can see products that cannot be found elsewhere. As experienced producers, we are also doing a great job in customized products, always leaving the customer satisfied.

But recently, we clearly see a trend to purchase one natural stone basin. One and only.
Some interior designers call her: “the Queen of Stone Sinks”! Minimalism combined with nature needs no more! 

Solid River Stone Pedestal Basins are produced by us from a single river rock boulder – just like our stone bathtubs Flumen, a classic rock tub. The outside is left untouched, while the inside is meticulously polished to provide a wonderful user’s experience.

Once designers get to know these products, they usually use them in more than a single project. Let’s show the world how important it is to preserve nature in this rapidly changing world. Contact us directly and join us in this mission! Natural Stone basins and tubs are the future. 

Pedestal Stone Sink – Natural River Stone Sinks
Solid Pedestal River Rock Basin Freestanding

River Stone vs. Marble Tub – Which one is better?

What are the main differences between Marble bathtub and River Stone rock tubs?

Despite evergrowing popularity of River Stone bathtubs, there are clients who are still excited with classic, plain shapes of bathtubs. The pictures that we would like to present today present an amazing stone bathtub made from marble and delivered to our very special client from Scandinavia. In this world region and this bathroom project our stone products definitely match the room. Or perhaps the room matches our products? It is up to you to decide after checking out these magical pictures.

What is the difference between marble bathtubs and river stone bathtubs? The main difference comes from the type of finish. River stone tubs, also called rock tubs, on the outside are left unprocessed so that they resemble a raw river boulder – simple yet unique. In the case of marble bathtubs, all is polished to give that elegant and smart look and to enjoy the feeling of a stone. Marble tubs are also about 25% lighter than river stone counterparts, which might be helpful in choosing a bathtub to your room.

The natural stone bathtub Praesenti made exclusively by Lux4home™ is definitely the focal point of this bathroom. However, there is also a complimentary river stone sink that deserves a shoutout! It definitely fits rustic and modern room designs. There are plenty more stone basins in our catalogue so that anyone can find a stone wash basin that fits any bathroom design and any stone bathtub. Like our creative client from Scandinavia!

Each year we deliver our stone sinks, stone bathtubs and pebble mosaics to dozens of places worldwide. Be next and discover the charm of unique natural stone products created by nature and perfected by the professionals!

Petrified Wood Bathtubs are one of the rarest of their kind

Typical human lifespan is 79 years. It is much too short not to try, at least once, taking a bath in a Fossil Wood Bathtub that ages at least a few millions of years.

Petrified Wood?
Yes indeed. In other words, a tree that spent so much time in the volacanic ashes of Indonesia that it simply decided to turn into stone. Well, it wasn’t really that tree who decided that, as instead it was mother nature in the flesh. That is why we trust her decisions and would like to show you a gift from her which we carefully honed.

Fossil Wood Bathtub LIGNUM is made only from that million-years-old tree log. Therefore, it does not need much treatment. Having survived millions of years underground, who would need it?
The bathtub is manually polished, with no use of toxic or harmful materials. It is quite heavy, usually it weights up to a ton, but that’s the least of our worries. It is rare and, therefore, quite expensive..

A standard model costs over 35 thousands of US dollars. It is the price of having something only a few people on earth have, so we believe it is well worth it. Especially considering that one day we will simply run out of this extraordinary material. Just look at the direction that humanity is following – abandon fossil fuels! Quite right, though.

If you don’t feel like spending that much money, don’t worry! We got you covered. Check out the most demanded Natural Stone Bathtub on the global market – Flumen River Stone Tub or its sibling Eclipse River Rock Bathtub. They are equally beautiful but much more affordable. Made from Basalt which is a lava rock, it is just as solid as Petrified Wood Bathtub. Get in touch with Lux4home™ to find out all the options and purchase your bathtub today!

Should you be worried about the weight of a River Stone Bathtub?

Before purchasing a natural stone tub, a bunch of preparations need to be done in order to ensure that the product will be fully operational after installation. One of the crucial elements that need to be established is how much weight does your floor or ceiling can withstand.

Each natural stone bathtub is a unique product which cannot be copied or repeated. The producer also cannot predict the exact weight of a product until it is fully finished. However, at Lux4home™ we are delivering dozens of stone bathtubs to different locations in the world. That gives us enough experience to know what to expect and what to be prepared for.

The weight range of our regular sized stone bathtubs is usually between 800kgs and 1200 kgs. Of course, this number rises proportionally to the dimension of a rock tub.
In Europe, the weight of a rock tub usually isn’t an issue, since most of the floors there can withstand between 700 to 1000 kilograms per 1 square meter, and you need to keep in mind that an average stone bathtub usually spreads its weight on over 3 square meters. Based on the feedback that we are receiving each year, the situation gets tricky especially in the United States, where buildings are quite different. In some cases, the floor or ceiling needs to be strengthened before installing a stone bathtub. In case of any doubts regarding the installation in one’s place, we always suggest getting advice from a local engineer or architect. Our experience team at Lux4home™ is also happy to give you advice before the purchase. Feel free to contact us anytime and we will work everything out!

What about the installation process itself? This also needs to be planned in advance. Once the bathtub is delivered to your site, usually all you need is a moving company with a bunch of healthy people and straps. That way you can lift the bathtub and take it even to a storey. In extreme cases, a forklift or a smaller crane can be helpful. Best thing is that you only do it once, and then you enjoy the timeless features of a natural stone bathtub for a very long time. If you also need any help regarding the preparation of the site, drainage or anything related, do not hesitate to contact us!

You will be amazed by the diversity that Natural River Stone offers

River Stone, also known as basalt, is well known for being used to produce solid rock sinks and stone bathtubs. However, as it turns out, it is much more versatile lava rock than it is generally thought! Certainly, the most common choice of the clients are stone hot tubs and matching basins but still, there is much more to it. We listed some of the examples below to feed your curiosity!

Massage Table
Probably the second most desired product made out of Indonesian River Stone. Thanks to the Massage Table made from river rock, you can move Bali to any place in the world! Of course, you would have to bring the masseurs with you which can be the hardest thing. Nevertheless, River Boulder Massage Table is a good place to start.

Stone Sofa
Yabba dabba doo! Who here hasn’t come across the Flintstones? The thing which all of us can envy of them is the simplicity of their time. River Stone Sofa may not be as comfortable as a regular furniture store sofa, nevertheless, its biggest advantage is that it can be placed outside and provide a remarkable element of the landscape. 

Stone Table
In addition to the stone sofa, you may be interested in a River Rock Table. Made from the same material, it is highly resistant to humidity, freezing, sun and is suitable to all weather conditions. Just make sure not to spill any corrosive substances on top of it!

Stone Lamp
Let there be more light! This River Stone Lamp is unique in its appearance. Some said that it looks like a prop taken straight from the Ridley Scott’s movies, but we prefer to call it an item of serenity borrowed straight from the Indonesian paradise. Why borrowed? Because all river rock products will be returned to the Earth one day. That is why our natural stone lamps, natural stone bathtubs, and all the other rock sinks are recyclable and leave no negative mark on Mother nature. We are giving back what we can!

Stone Steps
Last but not least, river stone steps or slabs. Our clients get very creative with them and use them to form paths, put vases on or throw as a frisbee. Just kidding, I am sure everyone would find a great use of these little cute stone plates.

More custom items can be provided to you by Lux4home™. The one and only such supplier of Indonesian Natural Stone Sinks, Natural Stone Bathtubs, Stone Gadgets and many more!

Natural Stone Sinks and Bathtubs are the best choice for the environment

Recently a lot of global attention and effort is put on the environment protection. This fundamental matter should be the priority of those who exploit the earth the most, no matter what industry they are in. It easy to walk past images like this below:

Classic ceramic vessel sinks or freestanding basins are just not enough to care for the environment properly. A lot of them are bought only to serve for a short period of time and then they are disposed of without any recycling involved which perpetuates the overconsumption of the modern world.
The same applies to classic acrylic bathtubs – it is not easy to recycle them properly after their useful life is over. Our mission at Lux4home™ is to call an end to it.

Consider natural stone bathtubs or stone sinks. They are fully made from a naturally occurring stone which will never litter the landscape. Moreover, when purchasing a freestanding stone tub or a pedestal sinks, it is a decision to purchase something that will last for long years. It will not wear off as quickly as artificial and potentially harmful materials such as ceramic or acrylic. Stone is simply timeless, so if you wish to make the world a better place, consider switching to stylish and eco-friendly alternatives: rock sinks, stone tubs or even natural stone mosaics. Architects, designers and private customers understand this, and each year they choose natural bathroom products more eagerly. It needs to be said that our production is not placing a burden on the environment. Everything we do, we do in balance with nature.

If you, just like us, feel a deep discomfort by only looking at the litter decomposing on the street, it’s time to take firm steps to prevent it from happening. Even if this is something small, like switching off that light or using less tap water than necessary, it makes a difference. Everything is in your hands, we are here to support it. See our full catalogue of eco-friendly stone products over here.

How rock sinks and bathtubs are made?

Have you ever wondered how we make all these unique Stone Sinks? In this article we will try to give you an insight into the process of creating a natural stone washbasin from start to finish.

The natural stone sinks that we produce are made in Indonesia, in Java Island. We begin by having a trip to the river where basalt boulders can be procured. These boulders are formed over thousands of years, thanks to the river flow. Many of them are underwater, piled on top of one another, so it is quite hard to predict an exact shape and colour of each boulder. However, we think that is what makes our River Stone Sinks and Stone Tubs so unique. We just use what nature gives us.

After we find the right boulder, it is time to bring it to the factory, and prepare the further process.
First, each rock is cut in half and checked in terms of quality for the first time (our Quality Control process has multiple stages!). If something is wrong, the boulder is used for different purpose. Usually everything is alright and we carry on with carving and achieving appropriate shape. In case of River Stone sink it is mostly done manually, but in terms of River Stone Bathtub we of course require assistance of the machinery. Nevertheless, wherever we can, we prefer to use human hand for maximum precision, especially when giving final touches to our rock bathtubs and rock sinks.

Hope you have learned something new today!
Making natural stone sinks and bathtubs is a tricky and multi-staged process, but the outcome is definitely worth the effort.

5 reasons why you should be careful when buying stone sinks

Natural stone sinks and stone tubs are recently gaining popularity and attention of bathroom designers and architects. These products are solid and strong by nature, but the problem begins when untrained human touch begins to interfere. Lux4home™ is a supplier who over the years have perfected the production process and would like to share the knowledge with anyone interested in the purchase of stone washbasin or stone bathtub. Here is what other suppliers of Indonesian stone basins are capable of:

1. Unlevel bottom

It’s not hard to imagine what happens when the bottom is not levelled properly. The water gets stuck in some point of the basin, which over time might start soaking in the stone and evenetually weaken its structure. Yet this type of sinks are often offered by local tradesmen looking for a hot deal.

2. Cracks

Believe or not, it happens all the time. Customers receive cracked basins from untrustworthy Indonesian suppliers. Lux4home™ approaches the production carefully and with full quality control process afterwards. All this in order to guarantee the long life of our stone sinks which translate into customer’s satisfaction. Simple as that.

3. Adhesives, glues, cement

Three words that should be prohibited for a natural stone supplier. Despite that, you can still come across a tradesmen who utilize the nasty practice of glueing sinks or fixing them for a while with an artifical paste or other substance. Lux4home™ QC do not allow any of such marble or river stone sinks or freestanding bathtubs to leave the factory. Not on our watch!

4. Imperfections

Nobody’s perfect.. Well, maybe except for Lux4home™ natural stone sinks which are always looking naturally. In case there is a river boulder that looks a bit odd, we don’t try too hard to make it look like a perfect rock sink. We just move forward to another one. Ruthless, one may say.. but we keep the “special” rocks for special occassion. Everyone is given a chance at our factory, but we stick closely to standards that work for particular groups of clients.

5. Drain hole

This point comes from a frequent feedback of bathroom designers and architects. “Guys! We are extremely worried about the drain hole. What if we are unable to install your bathtub?”. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Our rock bathtubs and rock sinks are delivered to Europe, Middle East, Asia, USA and Australia. Each of these regions have different drainage standards. That is why the last thing we do on either natural stone sink or stone bath is drilling the proper drain hole which would work for a local standard. Our freestanding stone tubs are installed just as any other bathtubs.

Only Lux4home™ is able to provide a batch of rock washbasins that are perfect. All because of one simple principle – respect for the nature’s work. Take a look at these beauties below and feel free to contact us anytime.


Why River Stone Sinks are currently trending?

Have you ever heard about natural stone sinks? No? Be our guest and get to know these products, because it most certainly seems like they are becoming more and more popular in designer books.

Many people may connect stone sink with China, and it is not a mistake. However, Lux4home™ is a trusted supplier that offer natural stone washbasins made in Indonesia. Our stone products are handicrafts, we only use stone cutting machines to the minimal extent. That makes either our natural stone sinks or stone tubs special products that aim to satisify client’s taste.

But to the point. Currently, River Stone Sinks are incredibly popular in the Old Continent. You can find them all over the medditerranean region, including Greece, Spain and Italy. What these countries have in common is an enormous historical heritage. There is no doubt that other countries have a lot of to learn from the European historical lands. One of such thing is the trends in design, namely, the love for stone.

Coming back to Lux4home™ experience, over a decade there has been a growth in the demand for stone basins made from River Stone, Cream Marble, Grey Marble and Onyx. Over this period, we have supplied them to hundreds of individual clients, designer, architects, hardware store and more!
Be sure also to check out our incredible natural stone bathtubs.

Feel invited to the world of natural stone sinks, and be amazed with the unique bathroom design.